April 11, 2022

Bunk Bed Round Up

In our current house we have two boys to each room. Our oldest two share a room and our youngest two share a room. To give them as much floor and play space as possible we opted for bunk beds. Let me just tell you, they are a hit for 7, 5, 3, and 2 year old boys! I feel like I spent ages scrolling through bunk bed inspiration to find a style that wouldn’t scream tacky. I compiled a list of my favorite styles to help you from spending as much time as I did scrolling aimlessly online. Here’s the 8 bunk beds that made the cut!

1) Kelsey Metal Bunk Bed

This is actually the bunk bed we have in our youngest two boys’ room! It is seriously such a budget friendly bunk bed coming in right around $200. It’s not super heavy duty, but we’ve had zero problems with it. I love the style and the simplicity of the black railing. I highly recommend it for littles!

2) Milo Wood Bunk Bed

This bunk bed from West Elm is the most beautiful color. The clean lines and modern feel are so refreshing, plus I love the height! It reminds me of the Ikea Kura bed, but with an elevated design.

3) Jewell Wood Bunk Bed

This bed is so whimsical! What a fun house design for kiddos to play make believe in!

4) Indiana Wood Bunk Bed

This bunk bed is so simple and classic. The straight lines and deep wood tones would bring some warmth to any child’s room.

5) Kean Wood Bunk Bed

I absolutely love this bunk! The low profile look with stairs instead of a ladder would be perfect for younger kiddos. I know how intimidating it can be to transition littles to a bunk bed, but this bunk would make that transition a piece of cake!

6) Perch Wood Bunk Bed

Does this bunk bed look familiar? Ding, ding, ding! It looks like the one we have in our oldest two boys’ room! When we built our house and I was searching for new furniture I could not stop gushing over this modern bunk bed. It was way out of my budget, so Kyle and my father in law built one for me! They did such a great job. Two years later and I still love the style so I had to include the OG bunk bed inspiration in this round up.

7) Giselle Metal Bunk Bed

It can be so difficult to find a bunk bed that fits in with your personal style. If you are in to antiques or farmhouse decor this could really look great in your space! I love the antique look of all of the railing.

8) Bushwick Metal Bunk Bed

This bunk bed was actually the runner up to the Kelsey Bunk Bed we purchased for our younger two boys’ room. I adored the top railing, but because their bed is centered on the wall I really needed something with railing on the lower bunk. Stone was just 1 when we transitioned him to the lower bunk and I didn’t want his pillow (or Stone himself!) falling off the head of the bed. That was the only reason this one was nixed. If you are putting a bunk bed against the wall, this one is a great option!

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