February 15, 2022

6 Projects on My Mind

Having a creative mind means I am constantly looking around our house for projects. It is so much fun to dream and design—and even more fun to build and create! The downside to this is I have a project list a mile long. Ha! Instead of sharing every single project idea with you, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 6! They might happen this year—and they may not. We all know that finances, time, and energy can play a huge role in what we accomplish in our homes. It’s so much fun to dream though!

1) Master Bedroom Wall

I added this box trim moulding in October of 2020. It turned out so well and I was so proud of myself! When I designed this wall we had a queen size bed. Our bed fit inside of the large rectangle moulding. A few months ago we upgraded to a king size bed and now all of the dimensions are off. You see how the bed and the moulding line up? It shouldn’t be like that. Womp womp. I am really leaning towards doing a vertical shiplap wall with a bold(ish) color! Right now our bed and our wall are almost the same color and it all blends together. Fingers crossed this will be a project I start in the next few weeks!

2) Office/Flex Space

This room has been the playroom since we moved in. The problem? The playroom doesn’t get played in and it becomes a holding room for all of the toys. It’s a disaster 99% of the time. Over Christmas break we transitioned all of the toys to the boys rooms. So far, it’s been working out great! We would really love to have this room become an office/craft space. Maybe even a movie/gaming room for the boys in the evenings. Who knows?! We would love to add some built ins on the wall where the rock wall is now, but we’ve gotta figure out a happy medium so years down the road when we sell this room can still be marketed as a bedroom. Ours wheels are turning though!

3) Kitchen Vent Hood

I cannot wait for the day I can take down this under cabinet vent hood. Our builder “upgraded at no charge” and while it doesn’t look awful, it hangs down entirely too low and people are always hitting their heads on it. I plan to get a new vent insert that will go up under the cabinet so you can’t see it. Then I want to remove the doors, build the cabinet out a little bit and do a plaster look! This might be the most intimidating project since I will be working around our new build cabinets.

4) Living Room Built Ins

Doesn’t this space scream built-ins?! This is another one of those intimidating projects. Mainly because it is in the middle of our living room and I can’t just shut the door if I get overwhelmed. Ha! I think it would definitely give our home a more custom look! I’m even contemplating doing an arched built in!

5) Half Bathroom

This half bathroom is the perfect space to do our first demo in this home. I would want to replace the tile with something more modern, add paneling to half of the wall, add wall paper and replace the light and mirror! Just a complete update in here!

6) Backyard

We had concrete poured in the fall and we absolutely love it! I added some string lights to get us by, but we really need to put some love into this space. We need to paint the cabinet to the left, find some more outdoor furniture, and just make this area a place we enjoy spending time. The weather is starting to get nice here in Texas so I’m sure we will start working out here sooner rather than later!

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