January 6, 2022

Paint Colors in our Home

Some of the most frequent questions I get are regarding the paint colors in our home. Choosing paint colors for your home can be very exciting, but also overwhelming. There are so many factors that come in to play such as lighting conditions, paint undertones, and contrasting colors in your home such as existing trim or furniture. When we built our home we had to choose from the limited color selection our builder offered–you will notice those are all of the PPG paints that I list. Click here to read about our building process and our time at the design studio! Now, let’s take a look at the colors in our home!

Interior Wall and Ceiling Color- Shark by PPG

Shark by PPG is a really light gray. I would say it has a hint of beige in it as well. It is a great neutral wall color!

Interior Trim- Delicate White by PPG

PPG describes Delicate White as a true, winter white with non-existent undertones. If I am being honest, it can appear more of a creamy white with yellow undertones in certain lighting. It is definitely a white and not cream, but if I had the chance to choose again I would have found more of a true white.

Cabinetry- Whiskers by PPG

When we went to the design studio we almost chose white kitchen cabinets and at the last minute we decided to just go for it and try a taupe color and I am so glad we did! If anything, I wish we would have gone one shade darker! I am super proud of us for stepping out of our comfort zones though! Whiskers is a soft greige with umber undertones. It is definitely a middle ground between white and taupe cabinets. I think it’s the perfect sweet spot! When they are exposed to a lot of natural light they appear lighter and very close to white, but in the evenings and in the shadows they are the perfect light taupe!

Bowen and Shepherd’s Room- Blue Moon Bay by Behr

For the big boy’s room I wanted to add a pop of color that they would enjoy. We first started with the rug and chose a paint color to complement it. I would say it has a muted turquoise undertone if that makes any sense at all. ha!

Conway and Stone’s Room- Rosemary by Sherwin Williams

Rosemary by Sherwin Williams is definitely one of my favorite green paints I have used–and I have tried quite a few! It is the perfect dusty, deep green!

Laundry Room Cabinets- Still Water by Sherwin Williams

This paint color is by far my most asked paint color! It is definitely a dark, moody color blue. I love that even though it is blue, it isn’t a scream in your face “hey! I am blue!” type of color. This laundry room was a blank slate when we moved in. It only had one long shelf with a clothing rod. Check out this Instagram post to see the before!

Toy Cabinet- Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams

Tricorn Black is definitely a true black! It is my go-to black paint color. I used it on this cabinet and I also used it in our master bedroom feature wall at our last house. You can see that wall here.

Exterior Trim- Gray By Me and Moth Gray by PPG

This might be the first time I have shared the exterior of our house! We went with a two tone look for our trim and siding and I love the way it pops.

After looking at our home I would say I have a thing for neutrals, blues, and greens! I hope this has been a great resource for you. If you are picking out paint colors for your home, hang in there! Grab lots of samples and try them out in different spots of your home to see how they look in different lighting. You’ve got this!

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