December 27, 2021

Let’s Do This!

Well, here goes nothin’! It is *almost* 2022 so why not start creating big goals for the new year? I am so excited to take you along on the Hannah Kirkman Home Blog journey! Eeek! On my site you will find tutorials, project progress, before and afters, home decor, and much more!

Before we head straight into all things DIY I wanted to share with you the history of Hannah Kirkman Home. I get asked a lot “How did you learn?” or “I could never do that!” or “How do you do it with kids?” I hope I can answer your questions and encourage you to get started too.

Let’s take it way back. I grew up in a house where my parents did DIY projects a lot. They tiled, laid floors, painted, and built countless things. I got to see first hand what it looked like to do your own projects instead of hiring it out. My husband, Kyle, had a very similar experience too! Kyle and I got married in 2014 and for our wedding we DIYed a few things. We made our own corn hole boards, ladder ball games and we even made our signs that lined the ceremony aisle. We knew from the beginning we would make a good DIY team!

Shortly after we got married we started to build our family. We knew from the very beginning that I would stop working and become a stay at home mom to our babies. Our first son was born in 2015 and oh, my! I love being a momma to our babies. I found myself doing random little projects here and there during his nap time. We were a newly married, young family and our budget was tight so I would make Christmas decorations or home decor. I quickly learned that my me time was during nap time where I could use projects and home design as my creative outlet. In our first home we added faux shiplap, painted every square inch of that house, and updated the kitchen and hall bathroom. That home fueled our desire to do more and more.

Our First Home


About 6 months after we did a budget friendly update on our kitchen we decided to move! In 2017 we bought a 1940’s fixer upper. Sometimes I wonder what in the world we were thinking! It was in our Dunn Street house that we really dove into DIY projects. We made so many mistakes and made some design choices that years later I question, but we learned so much. That house taught us more about DIY projects and home renovations than I ever dreamed I would know. We made plenty of fun design decisions, but we also learned so much about how a home is built. We blew insulation into the walls, added a water line to our fridge, and rerouted the dryer vent under the house to name a few. By this time we had 2 little boys and another on the way! I guess we were ambitious! haha Here are some photos from our second home.

Our Second Home

We lived on Dunn Street for 2 years before we decided to sell it and build our current home. By this point we had 3 boys and a 4th on the way! Creating, designing, and building has been a passion of mine since our very first home in 2014. Let’s be honest though, doing projects with 4 little ones running around is not easy. I utilize nap time and I am so thankful that they attend a Mother’s Day Out program a few days a week so I can have some uninterrupted project time. I know that isn’t an option for everyone and that’s okay! This is totally achievable with the little ones home 24/7. Nap time and bed time is your opportunity to get after it!

I honestly never dreamed that my life would look like a mix of wiping booties, passing out snacks, tiling backsplashes, and installing wall treatments. It has been such a fun ride and I am so excited to see what 2022 brings!

Much love, 


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