August 15, 2022

Learning to Live in the Here and Now

I have a quick question that I want you to ponder before you read this blog post. Do you really live in the here and now? Take a second to evaluate your own life and then let’s get to it!

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I can’t wait until…”? Constantly yearning for the future and to get away from your current circumstances. What about technology? Do you aimlessly scroll social media and get lost in other people’s lives? Have you ever been so distracted that you don’t even hear your kids saying “mommy” for the 15th time?

That was me.

I just kind of went through the motions of motherhood. I got the boys dressed for the day, fed them, prepped their backpacks for school, helped them go potty, refereed many knock down drag outs, took them to the park, and tucked them in at night. I was doing all of the motherly things, but I was missing a huge piece. Connection.

These past few weeks I have had such an intense conviction to reevaluate our life. What are we even doing? What is my purpose as a mother? Are we raising up tiny disciples for the Kingdom? These have been really tough conversations I have had with myself, the Lord, and Kyle. I knew something needed to change, but what? Here are the areas I am starting to work on to be more present in the here and now:

  1. Limiting my time on social media
  2. Devoting time to read the Bible with our boys before bedtime
  3. Allowing our boys to help me with household chores rather than getting frustrated and sending them away so I can do it my way
  4. Setting aside time to get down on the floor and play while giving our boys my undivided attention
  5. Lots and lots of snuggles!

In the coming weeks I will pour out all of my thoughts and share more details about the desires the Lord has put on my heart. For now, I want to share a practical way I have been more intentional with connecting with Bowen, Shepherd, Conway and Stone.


I was thrilled when the sweet souls at Nugget agreed to send our family a Nugget couch. If you aren’t familiar with Nugget, they created a play couch that encourages a child to dream big and use their imagination! It is technically a couch made up of 4 foam pieces with a removeable, washable cover, but it is so much more than that. Together as as a family we love to create forts, bridges, and slides where we can play and laugh together. It is so much fun!! I find myself pulling out the Nugget to create a chair for me to sit on as I watch the boys play together. We also use the Nugget for movie nights in the living room and we’ve even used it a time or two as a makeshift mattress on the floor for those middle of the night accidents. The Nugget has been such a useful tool to help our family connect in a fun way. Seriously snag one for your family if you are wanting to add in some good ol’ fun imaginative play! You can check out all of the fun colors they offer here! We chose Harbor.

Much love, 


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